I have been going to Dr. Kashirad’s office since he took over Dr. Coral Cobley’s practice. I am needle phobic. They understand this & help me with the use of Nitrous oxide. The dentist had always been an awful place for me to go to since I was a child. This office eliminates my fears completely. When my upper bridge broke … I had to get an emergency denture. I was so upset. I was getting my upper teeth pulled for a denture the day prior to my 52nd birthday. He & his staff were professional, empathetic, understanding, caring & helped me through this devastating time in my life. Last June 11th, 2015, I was complimented on my smile. “You have beautiful teeth”. OH EM GEE! I had NEVER heard that about MY smile before. If you have dental needs, have no fear, this practice is for you! As an added bonus, this practice has had CARE credit in the past. So … depending upon the balance due … you could potentially have 12 – 18 mo. of INTEREST FREE payments. YAY! KEEP SMILING! 😀

Best dental practice in San Francisco Bay Area. I have been to a lot of Dentists before (mainly because I’m VERY picky). Dr. Kashirad and staff exceeded all my expectations. I dare anyone to find a more friendly and competent dental staff anywhere. I consider Dr. Kashirad not just a Dentist; but, an Artist as well. His precision-work in Cosmetic Dentistry is unmatched.

This has got to be the best dentist around. I may have to put these people on my Christmas List. Great people doing a great job!

The best Dentist in the Richmond area!

Dr. Kamran is the BEST!!!!!! There is no one else that will give you the quality care he and his staff gives. He tells you exactly what needs to get done without sugar coating anything. He filled in my cavity and made sure I was not in any discomfort. He even called me the next day to see how I was doing (WOW!). You MUST give Him a try. You will not be disappointed.

Best Dentist and staff ever!!!!!! my whole family love’s them….just give one try and you would know what I’m talking about it…..